Mountain Bike

Pamporovo’s Bike park is a park for mountain cycling, suitable for motorcyclists of all levels of experience. Its various sections are with different levels of difficulty, ranging from extreme and advanced to low, which makes it ideal for daredevils looking for challenges or for families who want outdoor fun. Its 15 marked trails have a total length of 35 km, strewn from start to finish with obstacles – a degree of difficulty suitable for the trail, turns, and wooden structures and jumps. The bike park has also training tracks aimed at improving one’s skills. 

Bike routes

The family trail Stoykite is a wonderful, medium-intensive trail, suitable for family walks and rides with a wide range of people.

The Small wall
A playful trail with interesting elements, single-track sections, roots, and 1 or 2 more technical places tending to red markings.

A rough route, but still very pleasant for cycling, that will lead you to the other side of the mountain. If you keep cycling until the end you will reach the town of Smolyan.

Natural and rough with a wide variety of routes. Malina will take you away to a magically beautiful forest with numerous rocks, roots, and other entertainments. 

The Wall
The first competitive downhill trail in Pamporovo – it is still challenging and interesting.

Single track towards Pamporovo
A playful single-track route that will bring you from the basic bike zone to the center of the resort. 

A circular route of the Dam
A green circular route in the Dam park, suitable for every level of cyclists. 

A blue route that includes a natural terrain with interesting elements and a forest path – the latter leads you to the Dam park. 

Chuck Norris 
This is the second descent trail in the Pamporovo region; its upper part coincides with the competitive downhill trail that hosted many international competitions and championships.

The Flow
A playful and fun flow track with numerous jumps, turns, and other interesting elements, a must visit for anyone from intermediate to advanced.  

The Lakes 2
An enchanting and magical forest, natural elements, and a lot of pleasure. The Lakes 2 will bring you from the back side of the mountain to the Smolyan Lakes.